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Manicaterers are caterers of reputation with more than 25 years of outstanding catering reputation. We are made up of a team of highly inspired and qualified catering staff who provide our unique food range using certified hygienic procedure. Our highly specialised menu would also cater for a wide range of customers which includes healthy options.

We deliver great value fast catering services to various sectors meeting both health and appetizing demands of our diverse clients. We have a reputation for strong performance taking speed, excellence and customer satisfaction as some of our cores values.

Modern English food is a mix of traditional recipes with international influences. Brits are very open to flavours from around the world.
We prepare it every day for ourselves and our families. We take pleasure in food. We enjoy dinners and BBQs and picnics with our friends. We celebrate holiday meals with our family.  
Food can make us happy. It can make us think of home or remember our grandmother’s cooking with love. Food can be an adventure when we explore new tastes and cultures.
I'm guessing they just posted the recipe as it appeared. We Americans use different forms of measurement than the rest of the world. 2 cups should be about 473 mL by the way.

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